The VeloKicks blog, who we are and what will they will be about.

There's not quite a cast of thousands behind the scenes at VeloKicks. But there is certainly more than just me - Nick - who are responsible for making the magic happen. Delivering sensational kicks to you. And while we 'never say never' when it comes to the other staff making an appearance on the VK blog, for the most part these will be musing, mutterings and thought experiments from me. It could be cycling travel. Racing (it's Tour de France time as we speak). Technical developments. Shoe and bike fit. Or even the state of play in cycling in non-racing elements (like developmental pathways).


On location in Hungary 2019 for Cyclist Magazine
On location in Hungary 2019 for Cyclist Magazine


With a decade of writing within the cycling industry, I've had the fortune of reviewing a lot of products. Sent to some terrific destinations. Created written commentary for numerous races and pinned a number on for more than a few myself.


Nick Squillari, VeloKicks founder at the Australian Nationals time trial

 Nick at the Australian elite nationals, time trial


Combining those years of racing and 20 years as a podiatrist, the scope at the top of page isn't where it ends. I do hope there will be a bit of something for everyone on here. And f the latest is a little too technical, never fear I'll be sure to change it up. But with a love of shoes, data, aerodynamics and racing you can bet they are all going to get a fair run.


Nick getting it handed to him by the young bloods

No better way to race test kicks than doing it yourself


To that end, if there is a topic you would like me to speak to, by all means drop us a line. Always happy for suggestions on what the riders VeloKicks would like to hear more about.


- Nick Squillari

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