Like the saying often heard at high school, "there are no stupid questions". We too have experienced the frustration of shopping online, not finding all the information we need. So. This is us at VeloKicks trying to put all you need at your fingertips. If there is however something we have missed (or you have a bit of a special request) don't hesitate to email us at admin@velokicks.cc


"do you have a wide fit?"

Yes, all our shoes are designed around a wide fit. Nick - a Podiatrist - has crafted the shoes to provide additional volume for more broad foot types. With enough volume to fit a cycling insert or custom cycling orthotic. There's more info on our sizing page.


"do you have half sizes?"

All the sizes we have on offer are listed on the product page. Presently we feel our sizing range is crafted such that half sizes are not required so we do not offer them. 

If your foot measurement is on the cusp of the next size we recommend sizing up.


"do you ship overseas?"

Yes and we have a shipping page with more details. We ship worldwide. Rates are in the link.


"do your shoes come with inserts?"

Stock VeloKicks do not yet come with any sort of arch contouring insert. Our founder Nick, a podiatrist, has worked on and now released our own VeloKicks footbeds as an option to add to your shoe order or order as a stand alone to add that extra layer of comfort and efficiency to your riding.


"what is the difference between the Blanco dials and the Nero?"

Outlined on the Nero page

The increased vamp on the Nero upper results in a different style of retention across the foot. If you love to ratchet up and have your shoe really 'pull' itself around your foot, then you're going to prefer our Blanco dials. 

Nero is a softer style of retention - but do not mistake this for loose. They more closely replicate the feel of our Blanco laces, just with the speed of fit of dials. Nero, same performance in a softer feel package.


"why have my MOZ dials stopped holding tension?"

If your MOZ dial on your Blanco dials is not holding tension (with the retention clip pushed down) then it could be you have accidentally spooled the dial backwards. It's an easy fix, please just follow this video.


"where are your shoes made?"

Regrettably, before any staff at VeloKicks was even of voting age, the governments of the time oversaw the outsourcing of footwear manufacturing offshore. While we would love to have the capacity to have Australian made shoes, presently this is not possible as a legacy of these decisions. And while a part of our long term mission statement is to investigate means of re-establishing domestic production of our cycling shoes it's important to note that VeloKicks as an entity would not have been able to be established without tapping into overseas production. We understand, sympathise and agree to all the points around being pro-active in 'bringing back Australian made goods' however even before we considered creating our own line of shoes this was simply not viable for a two man start up.

Presently our shoes are primarily manufactured in China from synthetic leather, made to our high standards and custom specifications.

We would like to take this moment to add that all of the VeloKicks staff and consultants are Aussies. By utilising the current production pathway we have been able to have one full-time employee, multiple consultants with a view to adding two more full-time employees in the coming 12-18 months. These are more jobs than the zero that would have been created if we stopped at "no Australian production of cycling shoes so guess we cannot start a business". We are a proud Australian start up with big plans for the future of our shoes and manufacturing. Like another great of our nation sang, "from little things, big things grow". VeloKicks will get there. But we need that support in order to grow.


"how much are the shoes?"

The prices of the shoes that we sell are on our main products page. If it is not there then we do not sell it.


"I cannot select the custom pair of shoes I want"

Our custom kicks do not need to you select the kicks you want. We could never hope to upload every pair of painted shoes to the product page so it's important to know

You do not select the artwork from the display for an order

all you need to do is select if the art is on our VeloKicks or shoes you supply. That's it. We email you after that and away we go with the process.


"where can I get those Season 3 socks?"

They were created by our friends over at Rule28 and they have a re-up of stock planned for later in March 2020. This is the second run but we cannot promise if there will be a third. Get in quick. 


"what happens if you don't have my size in a seasonal shoe?"

Our seasonal offerings are the same as all others in cycling clothing and accessories, once gone you won't be able to grab them again (short of a custom paint order for season 1 or 2). It's not an 'out of stock' as much as a 'sold out'. Best way to avoid missing out? Sign up to our newsletter!


"what sizes do you presently stock?"

We now stock 38 to 48 EU present in our road shoes. And 38 to 47 (with 48 coming soon) in our Lactic MTB/gravel shoe.


"are your custom shoes only for Pros?"

There is absolutely no "you need to be <this tall> to ride" for our kicks. Anyone can get a pair of custom shoes. In fact most of our riders are every day folks like those who founded and run VeloKicks. We're here to help any rider into a pair of shoes.


"tips for measuring my feet?"

Not many, just remember to do it standing (weight bearing). No socks on. And ideally not first thing in the morning - as feet will tend to swell a little (depending on the temperature) as the day goes on. 


"do you offer a midfoot drilling option?"

While we don't offer a midfoot drilling option on any of our shoes there is now an adaptor offering from Midfoot Cycling that fits our three-bolt pattern and comes in at only 3mm of additional stack height. A very nifty life-hack for those who prefer that cleat position.


"are they compatible with Shimano road pedals?"

If the pics of the sole don't give it away, our road kicks are indeed 3-bolt SPD-SL (Shimano/Look) pedals. If you're looking for SPD (two bolt mountain bike) pedal compatibility then you'll need our Lactic shoes.