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  • ATOP MOZ dual dials for extensive volume control (dials), or
  • Eyelets for additional strength and longevity (lace up)
  • VeloKicks branded laces in black and white (lace up)
  • Carbon sole for optimal power transfer
  • Impressive weights: 245 grams for size 41, 275g for a size 45
  • Generous volume upper that accommodates all cycling orthoses
  • Replaceable outer sole heel pads, so you always have grip when walking around 
  • VeloKicks shoe bag, to keep your kicks comfy and protected when they're not on your feet
  • 3 hole drilling for road cycling, compatible with 3 bolt Speedplay adapter
  • Synthetic leather material, no animals products are used in the construction of our kicks


  • $699 for artwork on VeloKicks shoes. This includes postage to you.
  • $549 for artwork on your shoes. This includes postage back to you but not the cost of postage to us


*artwork price is based off a design that is not exceptionally intricate. An additional charge may be required for paint that is labour intensive. However this will be communicated within the design phase. 


All custom VeloKicks are made to order - this is why there is no design selection option for the cart. Every pair we craft is different. You do not need to need to select the artwork from the display for an order.  Even when a rider starts off with "I just want you to replicate <this> shoe" we strive to find a little way to craft the design to really be personalised to the owner. All you need to do is select whether the art is on our VeloKicks or supplied kicks, the rest we take care of (with you) after the order is placed.


Lead time is roughly 6-8 weeks from confirmation of design and payment. This depends also on lead times of artists and Covid-related delays (which have slowed a lot of lead times down due to lockdowns).

The shoes are also given the optimal amount of time to ensure paint curing - none of this process is rushed, thus providing the best finish possible.



Sizing choice: note that you do not need to select a size if the artwork is on our VeloKicks ($699), so long as it is within the range we offer if choosing our shoes (38 to 47). During the design process we will also discuss sizing - all you need to purchase is the option that you are looking for.


Please refer here to our chart for sizing and comparison to other brands to work out what size best fits you. NOTE that sizes 38 and 47 are now available.

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