Sizing and shoe fit

VeloKicks sizing is in-line, length wise, with many major brands. As a comparative tool, sizing is very close to being on par with Shimano, Bont, etc. We have noted there are cases where some Specialized riders would need the next size up in VeloKicks as Specialized's length, in some instances, is a little longer than ours (meaning riders will size down for). Outside of that, if are typically a 44 in length in the major brands then that's what you will likely run with VeloKicks. We offer greater volume - length is approximately the same. 


All models of VeloKicks utilise our founder's 15 years as a Podiatrist, with the uppers Podiatrically designed around with generous volume and width, so half sizes are not offered. All models have enough volume to accommodate a cycling insert or custom cycling orthotic.

Our range is from 38 to 47, except for the new mountain bike model (47 will be coming in early June 2021).

Below is our sizing guide. 


You can either - without socks on - take a trace outline with your foot on a piece of paper, weight bearing (read: fully standing). Ensuring pen is angled in. Measure the length and width

 VeloKicks weight bearing foot measurements

or follow the steps in this video using some business cards, the wall and a tape measure (again, weight bearing and without socks) 


If in doubt - or if you're looking to double check sizing - contact us via email at and we will be more than happy to take a look at your length and width and more closely analyse what size will be best for you.