VeloKicks shoe care

Kicks get dirty. Rain. Gravel roads. Even just the combination of your sweat, dust and splatterings of gels and sports drinks mean they need to be cleaned. And protected. The methods will vary between the models, here are our recommendations.


Blanco: any painted areas must first be clear coated to protect your artwork. Because the paint has the potential to be a little fragile, warm soapy water and a sponge/soft brush (grab an old toothbrush) is a great way to clean them. Regular Blanco, sans painted, can also use the warm soapy water method. Alternatively unscented baby wipes are also a terrific little hack for a wipe over once a week to keep the kicks fresh.

The Flow Knit you can get a little more work into, they do scrub up really nicely with some dishwashing liquid, warm water and a soft brush. Check how how on our Instagram.

White laces simply unlace, soak and scrub together in warm water with some laundry power. Come up nice and white again. 


Seasonal colours: the upper is a lot more resilient so a soft scrubbing brush, warm water and citrus cleaner is what we use to get our kicks perfectly clean and looking swish once more. 


Extending the life of your dials: here is a quick little video on our YouTube channel to demonstrate an alternate way to exit your kicks that keeps wear and tear down on your dials.